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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Friends! We are only NINE days away from our vows! In honor of that, I thought I would share more details from when W and I first met. If you'll remember last time, I promised that I would share the details after he left Munich. 

Looking back on how I met W, my actions were very un-me. From going out all night dancing with these strangers (stranger danger!), to giving him my contact information, to meeting up with him again the next day, it was all very different behavior for me. So with these strange behaviors, it should come as no surprise that when we said our goodbyes in Munich, I invited W to meet me for my overnight layover in London a few days later. And the next day I had an email from him saying he'd meet me in London! 

When we met up at Heathrow, we hailed a cab to my hotel, and it was at the hotel that W surprised me with two bottles of wine. It was very sweet, and very indicative of who he is, and we stayed up all night drinking wine. 

Our London trip was very short, and once again, I thought I would never hear from him again. But, once again, I was wrong. I had an email from him when I touched down, and that exchange never stopped. 

Two months after London and hundreds of emails, texts and IMs later, W flew to Boston for one week, and that week sealed our future. After that week I realized that all those un-me things from Munich were because he was special, and because he brought out new things in me. 

So while our time in London was very brief, it does hold a special place in our hearts. We took a chance in London and took the next step in our lives.   


Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration for Adventure

Years ago I made a huge leap of faith, packed up my belongings and moved across the country to Boston. It was scary and exciting all at once, and once I settled in, I was convinced that I could pick up and move anywhere. Stephen and I have often talked about moving to a new country and we're both keen to learn first hand about a new culture, new government, new language, etc.

This past week I was in Orlando for a trade show, working with a new client who is based in Paris (and opening US headquarters here in Boston.) Listening to the language, meeting these wonderful folks, meeting many additional European folks during the show re-enforced that there is a HUGE world out there, and that I am doing myself a disservice to not experience it. And honestly, I felt embarrassed to admit that I had never traveled to Europe. I mean, I'm surrounded by globe trotters who are speaking multiple languages, and here I am, an American who has never seen the world outside some trips to the Carribbean, who forgot the 4 years of French I studied. As proud and accomplished as I've felt in my life (I moved across the country!!) I felt very aware of how much more I could be doing, and how much more I want to do!

I can't say that I'll be moving anytime soon, but after last week, I'm definitely inspired to pack my belongings once more and look for a new adventure. And I think ithe first place to start is by brushing up on my French. It seems like the most versatile European language, and I feel like even if we didn't go to France, at least we would have a leg up on a foreign language for a country like Belgium. Although looking at these images, how could you not be inspired to go? So tell me, is there any place you've been inspired to move to, and why?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Night Confessions

  • I like stress. Seriously... I do. I feel that my brain fires on all cylinders when I'm completely stressed out. If you asked my boyfriend, he would probably tell you the complete opposite, but my friends who have been with me for years would tell you that I'm a nut for stress and that I thrive on it. So it only makes sense that my life is high stress.

  • I am a simple girl. Yes, I realize it contradicts my high-stress life, but I like certain simplicities. For example, I get so giddy when I get a text message from Boston telling me that he's thankful to have me in his life and that he loves me, or like today when he called and said he could use a hug from me. He doesn't say these things all that often, but when he does they are usually simple, and yet they fill me with the GREATEST joy I've known.

  • I need to quit procrastinating. This again probably leads to my high-stress life, but I'm a huge procrastinator. It's my "thing." Procrastination for me usually leads to the high stress and when I perform my best work, so it seems to me that my procrastination leads me to great work. One day I'd like to test this theory by getting something done BEFORE a tight deadline, but then I'll probably put that off too.

  • I love reading other people's blogs. For me, this is like peering into the lives of others without having to get involved. It's gossip for me, and I love it. My favorite blogs are reading about people's struggles. I feel bad saying that, but I think it's human nature to want to read about other's struggles so that we have something to measure against ours. Lately I've been reading a lot of blogs, and I'm starting to find my favorites. I've posted one or two on my links, and as I find more, I'll continue to post. I imagine that one day I'll want to get involved with these people, to comment on their blogs, invite myself into their lives, but for now I'm quite content just to read about their fascinating lives.

  • I'm scared. I'm scared about a lot of things, but I'm really scared about the changes coming in the next few weeks. I am trying to play off how scared I am by telling everyone how great this is going to be, but the truth is that I'm scared because I don't know how it's going to be. I am always optimistic, and I'm trying to remain optimistic tonight, but it's hard to let go and put this in God's hands. I'm getting rid of everything I've ever known, and moving across the country to a city where I know no one but my boyfriend, to start a job that I'm not sure I'm qualified to do, and we don't even have a place to live yet. I'm trying to put my faith in God, and to trust that He will not fail us, but that's proving to be much harder. Then again, it could just be that I like the stress. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life As I Know It

Is about to change. The news I've been waiting for came, andwhat I've known will never be the same again. I got a job offer in Boston and will be moving there in 7 weeks. That's right... 7 weeks.

I'm so excited and at the same time so incredibly nervous! My life is changing so quickly and I'm struggling with how to handle it. In the next 7 weeks I'll be graduating with a Master's degree, leaving a job that I dearlyl ove, taking the boyfriend home to meet my family and then moving to Boston. Yikes! Plus I have to sell off everything I own so that I only take the bare minimum across the country.

On the plus side, the boy and I will finally get to be together, I have a great job opportunity waiting for me, I have an actual winter to experience, and I get to take a cross country road trip! How exciting is that?

Anyway, I'm so thankful for these opportunities coming my way, and I'll post more as everything gets closer.