Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring – Let’s Celebrate with an ellasport Giveaway

Now that it’s officially spring I just have to ask: where did winter go? Not that I’m complaining because last year’s winter was a doozy good enough for the next few winters. Still… I am a little sad that I didn’t go snowboarding once, but there was no motivation to hit the slopes when every weekend was sunny and balmy (by Boston standards.)
So instead of snowboarding I’ve been hitting the pavement and the bar. And as I’ve been splitting my time between running and Bar Method (admit it, you thought it was the “other” bar, didn’t you?), I’ve been slowly building up my workout attire. It’s amazing. I have a closet overflowing with clothes, but owned only a few pieces of workout gear. As such, the fabulous ladies at ellasport agreed to let me try a pair of their Power Capris.  Ellasport was started by Pam Oelerich in 2006 because she wanted to make clothing that fit athletic women, and that is something I can fully throw my support behind (hello sprinter thighs!).
My initial thought when I opened the package was “holy hell those are small!” but, I figured I should at least try them on and I am so glad I did! These capris were perfect! The fit is compressed but not to the point where they dig into my skin. And they’re just so cute! I am not a fan of prints (I like my solids, thankyouverymuch!) but this has a cute design going down one of the legs that I really like as it gives it some flare (and I don’t look like every other person wearing lulu.) They also come with a zippered pocket in the back, which I used for my St. Patty’s day road race this past weekend, and it didn’t feel like I had anything in them. But what’s probably the most important thing is how they fit. I have a pair of Nike capris that are very similar but ride up in less than pleasurable areas, and it makes me not only physically uncomfortable but it makes me uncomfortably self conscious. That is NOT good when you’ve got to run 5 miles or pliĆ© at the barre, but I’ve never experienced that with my ellasport power capris.  And if I’m honest, they make my derriere look really good.  Needless to say, I’m a huge fan, and to prove it, here's a photo of me doing foldover at a recent bar class:

And now the BEST news: ellasport is giving YOU the chance to win a pair of their power capris! Want to win yourself a pair? Here’s how:

Twitter: Follow @ellasport on Twitter and leave a comment here letting me know you did
Facebook: Like ellasport on Facebook and leave me a comment here letting me know you did

BONUS entry:  I’ll give you a bonus entry each day you tweet the following: I want to win @ellasport workout gear #giveaway via @Michele_Moore

Contest runs for exactly one week, ending at 11:59 pm ET on Tuesday, March 27 and I'll announce the winner next Wednesday.  Good luck!!