Wednesday, April 2, 2008

(Future) Greatest of All Time

I have always thought of myself as athletic. I was the fastest runner on my lacrosse team in college -- and probably the meanest defender too - I don't remember how many yellow cards I got for playing too aggressive. But I played well and did my job as a defender.

So it's a little frustrating that I'm not a natural at volleyball. I think 90 percent of it has to do with the fact that I'm not confident when playing and that shows in my performance. Last night was especially hard. I jammed by thumb attempting to set the ball during warm ups and couldn't focus the rest of the evening. I made some good saves and even had some other players from opposing teams tell me that I did good - and give me pointers - but I was not happy with my play.

But rather than get too down on myself I've signed up for a skills class. So one night a week for the next 2 months I will be learning volleyball skills - digging, bumping, setting, serving overhand, and playing defense. It's a beginner's session so I will be with other people at my level; that will definitely help with my confidence. I'm really looking forward to building the confidence and learning the skills I need to help out our team. First session starts tomorrow - I'll keep you updated on my status.

1 comment:

  1. you're so great.

    i would totally just surrender myself to the fact that i'm not a good volleyball player, laugh about it and stay bad.

    good for you :)
    and i look forward to hearing how you're feeling about your skills in a few weeks!