Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crisp Celery

Crisp Celery... that's the name of the new wall color in our living room. That's right, one room down, and just one more to go before the big party on Saturday.

The color is exciting and soothing all at once. It's probably exciting because we finally have something up on the walls, but it is a soothing color. The yet-to-own couch is going to look awesome in the living room, and once we add window treatments it will finally start to feel like our home.

So kudos to Stephen and me for actually making progress - and for having fun along the way.

before photo - note the awesome wall paper

I'll probably get in trouble for this
the finished product - LOVE it!


  1. I love it, it's not even recognizable. Great job! Now if you only had AC ;)

  2. Trust me... AC would be suh-weet! I've put in a few maintenance requests with the landlord and still no reply. I may have to take drastic measures!

  3. Dude, not only does the color look great but the blinds look great! Those curtains were out-of-control!

  4. the blinds are deceptive, b/c they're SUPER old! Those will be replaced with newer models soon.

  5. lookin' good!

    green's my favorite color. so nice choice ;)