Monday, August 18, 2008

Who Needs Love When There's Jimmy Choo?

Who needs love when there's Jimmy Choo?

Sometimes I manage to surprise myself with these zingers.

The remark came about yesterday in my head cold-induced state, when Kaileen, Stephen and I were recounting the events from the evening before. The topic discussed was marriage to wealthy men and two of our friends (names withheld for obvious reasons) who will succeed in their goal of marrying wealthy men because that's what they've set for themselves. Stephen's natural, guy response was "what about love?" and that's when my profound wisdom blurted out.

Natural. Profound. Typical Michele.

And the most profound thought of all - I may never own a pair of Jimmy Choos. :)

So ladies, when you do achieve your goal, will you please buy me a pair of Jimmy's?

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