Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Dress Fever

Did y'all watch the Academy Awards last night? Hooray Sandra Bullock! Hooray Jeff Bridges! Hooray Katherine Bigelow!
It's exciting that the first woman won for Best Director and her tiny little film kicked her ex husband's ass, blah blah blah, but let's talk about what really counts - the best outfits.

Sandra channeled Oscar through Marchesa - just radiant!
Demi looked ravishing in Versace, but seriously, when does she NOT look amazing?
I have always loved Kate, mostly because I think our bodies are built the same. So imagine how giddy I got when I imagined how great I could look in this YSL.
Meryl, you are the definition of glamour and you shined in Chris March. Bravo!
DK in Chanel looks ravishing next to my favorite director, Quentin.

I won't dribble my page with stupid outfits, but Zoe Saldana, that train wreck of a dress was Tuh-ragic. And was Amanda Seifreid getting married during the Oscars last night, or am I the only one who thought she wore a wedding dress?

How sad is it that I don't know any of the "young Hollywood" crowd (minus Miley Cyrus - I like her) and all my favorite stars are getting grey and old? Oh man, that's a scary thought.

So what were your favorites?


  1. I felt old when after the John Hughes tribute they panned to the actors from Twilight and they all had a WTF look on their faces.

  2. I have to say, I loved KStew's black dress. While I love color I think it was a beautifully done dress and it looked great on her. And totally agree with your top choice. Sandy can do no wrong.