Friday, October 12, 2007

Conservatard and Technotard

I went to a half-day PR training session today and heard the greatest word today: "conservatard." I've been giggling about this word all day long. I mean, really, who says that? Well, apparently people who use words like "ridonkulous" or "Iked"... Iked, haha, that one is too funny! Moving on...

So the guy giving the lecture, aka conservatard, is actually a technologist who was talking about social media, and how he uses it. What makes this lecture so interesting is that I've been recently learning about all this stuff he talked about. Boston has been introducing me to his tech-know, which means that I've been reading Slashdot on a daily basis, and our conversations lately have more to do with parallel universes and l33t speak than our days at work. Not that I'm complaining; I'm really excited that he's incorporating me into things that are important to him. It means that we're "growing." But I digress. This lecture today made so much sense because I've been reading this stuff. The web sites he referenced are sites that, up until two weeks ago, I'd never heard of; but today, I did know of them. I'm actually feeling a little smarter thanks to him. And our conversations are sweet. I love debating about parallel universes, or talking in code using gamer speak. It's fun!

On another note, I met a girl at the training today from Texas who did her Master's program in Boston. We're going to have dinner on Sunday night to talk all things Boston, like where I should venture to when I visit in a few days. I'm also excited because she's proof that Texans can survive in the freezing cold weather! In fact, she said it was colder in Chicago than Boston! Imagine! Speaking of the Boston cold, my new peacoat arrived in the mail yesterday, and the weather in Boston has just turned cold, so I'll actually get to wear it! I have never been more excited for cold weather!

Also, I take my comprehensive exams in 2 weeks! That's it!! I'm getting really nervous, but after studying I've realized that I remember more than I thought. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

So that's it. I probably won't post again until I'm in Boston or after I get back. But just think about how much I will have to talk about then! :)

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