Monday, May 5, 2008

Bitter Enemies

This week Stephen and I become (temporary) bitter enemies. Starting Thursday, the Dallas Stars look to advance to the holiest of sporting events - the Stanley Cup Finals. The only thing standing in their way: the unholiest of sporting teams, the Detroit Red Wings.

I can't explain why I hate the Wings so much, but that hatred runs deep. Ever since I started following hockey, the Red Wings have been a thorn in my side. Perhaps it's because they're so good (it pains me to even say that), perhaps it's because my defensive idol, Darian Hatcher, was traded to them shortly after the '99 season when the Stars won the cup.

Regardless, once Detroit and Dallas go head-to-head, there will be so much smack talking between Stephen and me, we'll be sleeping in separate rooms by the time the series is over! At least it will be worth it when the Stars advance to the Finals.


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  1. hahahah!

    this cracked me up for some reason. sometimes i wish i had a little more "sports enthusiast" in me... but ah well. i can still say...