Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Day of Labor After All

Whoever decided to honor the labor and trade forces with a day off was crazy- no matter what you plan, you always end up working. Labor Day this year was not a day of brushing dirt off my shoulder and admiring the hard labor I've been doing for the past few years, but rather a day of actually getting dirty. It was a funny day and I can't resist sharing.

Molly asked me earlier in the previous week to help her move a futon her friend was getting rid of. For the mere task of transporting this thing in my SUV she'd buy me lunch - a deal no one could resist as it sounded easy as pie. Wrong.

Navigating through the Brighton streets on moving day for EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT in Boston was laborious enough, but that was just the start. The futon was down in the dusty basement and we had to disassemble the piece, which proved to be a challenge. Lucky for both Molly and me, I've had many years' practice of being a single gal and having to put together and take things apart on my own, so eventually we got the futon taken apart and shoved into my car.

Putting it together proved an easier task - sort of - and after enjoying some raspberry lemonade we were off to enjoy our lunch.

Molly decided to take me to a fabulous diner in Newton Center, Johnny's Diner. The drive was lovely - it IS Newton, after all - and the weather was perfect, so we had windows down and the music turned up. Upon entering the parking lot, Molly curb-checked her car pulling into a parking spot and suddenly we heard a very loud "pssssssssssst" - a blown tire. This baby was going down FAST. We decided to eat lunch first - we were starving after the 90-minutes of futon work - and then call AAA.

I know I'm a terrible friend, but the whole time Molly was stressing I just couldn't stop laughing. We were ladies who had places to be and things to do before Molly's BBQ a few hours away. I found everything incredibly funny, and found it funnier when I had to explain to Kaileen why I was bailing on helping her out because I was being held hostage at Molly's car. Molly had to make arrangements with her friend to let people into the BBQ in case we didn't get done in time too - again, a giggle-worthy moment for me.

After a brief 30-minute wait for AAA (we killed the time by eating JP Lick's) we were back to Molly's where we had just enough time to shower and change clothes for the BBQ.

It was a great day, and the BBQ was great, so I hope Molly doesn't mind me sharing my day of labor at her expense.

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  1. I am thrilled that other's can laugh at our labor day adventure. They should probably also know that I got a speeding ticket the day before, so I was in a fragile state. Bad things come in 3's - ticket, futon and flat. I should be all set for a while now. Thanks for all your help Texas lady!