Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dirty Little Secret

Ever have a dirty little secret? You know, the kind that of secret that is really a guilty pleasure, but you'd surely be teased if anyone found out? Well, I'm about to spill one of those secrets. First though, some background.

It's no secret that Stephen is a bit of a nerd. He likes playing video games, though not the cool kind; he's really into RPGs - role playing games. He has his D&D cards tucked away in the house, and he's a not-so-secret fan of a little Syfy show called Battle Star Galactica. He's such a fan of the show that during March Madness last year, when Michigan State was playing Louisville for a chance to go to the Final Four, Stephen stayed home to watch the series finale of BSG while I went to the bar to cheer on the Spartans (and I didn't even go to MSU.) Like I said, a little nerdy (but I promise this is leading somewhere).

Fast forward.Stephen rented a movie called Caprica (or so I thought it was a movie.) You can read about the show here, but please know the gorgeous and very talented Eric Stoltz plays one of the lead characters. Anyway, the pilot is a 2-hour premiere and it's FANTASTIC! Instantly I'm hooked on this show (watching Eric Stoltz doesn't hurt) and each week I gladly sacrifice a Friday night to stay in and watch Caprica. So where does it fit in with Stephen's nerdiness? As it turns out, the other character, Adama, ties directly into BSG. In fact, Caprica is essentially the prequel to BSG.

So you see, Stephen tricked me into his world after all.

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  1. Oh how our nerds suck us into their fabulously written, smart sci-fi shows. Sigh. I do love myself some Sam Anders though. Big hearts to him. And then! Then, there's the Adama brother on Caprica, uncle to little Will Adama. Oh holy crap is that man hot. I don't know if it's the tattoos or what but I stare at the TV mouth open whenever he's on screen.