Friday, April 23, 2010

The Prepster

I love clothes, and I love the act of shopping that comes with getting clothes. The one thing I don't like though, is determining my style. If I had to describe my style it would be dressy casual. There's nothing I love more than a pair of jeans and fabulous heels. But that's not really a style, is it?

Well, lo and behold, one of my favorite online shops, Shabby Apple, has the answer for me. They just created a widget that tells you what your style is based on a few silly questions.
I took the challenge and it turns out that my style is:I don't know about loafers and boat shoes for my style, but I do heart me some J. Crew, Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade (and just ask Stephen what my brand is - he'll tell you I'm so Banana Republic.) So maybe I do know my style after all.

Want to see what your style is? Just take the little test below and find out for yourself.

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