Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the hunt: iPod

Don't laugh, but this is my iPod. It's the 1 Gen Shuffle and I paid $10 for it years ago. It went kaput on my recent trip to Dallas and I'm on the hunt for a new one. If I could get this version again I would (but alas, a search on eBay only has 3 and 4 gen), so I'm leaning toward a new iPod Nano. Only downside? They're pretty expensive (around $200.) I have a feeling I'll break down and get the Nano because the weather is gorgeous and I can't run without an iPod (it's a curse I tell you!).

Anyone have thoughts about which iPod I should get?


  1. I have the nano in hot pink and loooove it.

  2. I love my iPod video classic whatever it is. I can't even remember because I just keep getting the same one replaced with the warranty every time it gives out. It breaks my heart but I love it just the same.