Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recap: Dallas

Here's the recap from our trip to Dallas for Becky's wedding
Kelly and me - Lance's b-day party (I'm exhausted - it's almost 1 am at this point)
On our way to the wedding - we clean up nice
In case you didn't know who we were
With the beautiful bride
Sole sisters (donning Manolo and Kate)
they clean up nice too
The beautiful cake (tasted good too). I know how to make that design.
Groom's cake. I got the piece that said "pot" and also picked up "end." Wished I had enough patience to get "ass."
The pot cake. Don't think I don't snicker every time I see this.

Post wedding - at Idle Rich with Rachel and Megan

With pal (and awesome host) Laurel

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  1. The bride is so beautiful!!! Hee. Glad you guys had fun.