Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shredding It

Remember last fall when we went for a little relaxing weekend and came back with full snowboard setups? We thought it would be a great excuse to learn how to snowboard, plus it's a way to make the looooong winter a little more fun. 

Well, I've got to admit that it's been SO much fun learning how to snowboard. We've been twice now. The first time we went to Wachusetts, a little mountain about an hour outside of Boston. We stayed on the bunny trail that day, just getting familiar with our boards, learning how to stand up, how to stop and how to carve. The bunny trail was jam packed and we spent most of the day biting it while trying to avoid the crowds that just hung out in the middle of the trail. It was awesome, let me tell you. 

Last week we kicked it up a notch and went with our neighbors to WaterValley in New Hampshire. Our neighbors are good boarders; the guy grew up in NH, so he's been boarding/skiing since he could walk. His girlfriend (also a warm weather native like me) isn't as good, but has been boarding for a few years so she's way more advanced than we are. 

Stephen and I spent the morning on the bunny trail again, but after a few hours I was ready to tackle the mountain. Mind you, I was only ready to tackle a green trail, but still... HUGE step. So we took the lift to the top of the (little) mountain got strapped into our bindings and away we went. 

I wish I could say that my snowboarding style looks like this
Unfortunately I'm not quite there yet and instead, my ride down the mountain looked more like this
Still, we're having a blast learning how to snowboard, and I've got to admit we're doing a pretty decent job considering we're self teaching. I've got new found respect for what the professional athletes are doing, because I can attest that even standing up, let alone making it downhill standing up, is a considerable feat.

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  1. I'm impressed. Snowboarding doesn't make it anywhere near the top of my bucket list.