Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It Gets Better

Have you seen the commercials for the campaign "It Gets Better" which shares messages of hope to youth struggling with their GLBT identities? The ‘It Gets Better’ campaign is a global video project designed to communicate the message to young LGBT kids and teens that IT GETS BETTER and no matter how hard it is, how dark a place you are in, to hang in there and just hold on to the truth that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that you are not alone.

Recently, my agency invited our GLBT employees to share their stories on film, which will be shared online at It Gets Better. While I don't typically talk about my work or job on here, I felt compelled to share this message. Why? Because I have friends who are gay, and I'm humbled by how amazing my agency is, to take a stand, and proactively commit to supporting our employees, regardless of race, regligion or sexual orientation. It's one thing to accept your employees for who they are, but it's an entirely different thing to encourage them share their stories of struggle, support and love, and to let the world know that it does get better. 

The note shared with our team worldwide summed it up best: "At Text 100 we are always very proud of the good that we do for our clients but it’s worth remembering that the core and currency of our business is our people and after hearing so many positive stories I’m confident in saying that we are very rich indeed."  


  1. I love this campaign and its message. It's awesome that your company is involved with this :)