Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration for Adventure

Years ago I made a huge leap of faith, packed up my belongings and moved across the country to Boston. It was scary and exciting all at once, and once I settled in, I was convinced that I could pick up and move anywhere. Stephen and I have often talked about moving to a new country and we're both keen to learn first hand about a new culture, new government, new language, etc.

This past week I was in Orlando for a trade show, working with a new client who is based in Paris (and opening US headquarters here in Boston.) Listening to the language, meeting these wonderful folks, meeting many additional European folks during the show re-enforced that there is a HUGE world out there, and that I am doing myself a disservice to not experience it. And honestly, I felt embarrassed to admit that I had never traveled to Europe. I mean, I'm surrounded by globe trotters who are speaking multiple languages, and here I am, an American who has never seen the world outside some trips to the Carribbean, who forgot the 4 years of French I studied. As proud and accomplished as I've felt in my life (I moved across the country!!) I felt very aware of how much more I could be doing, and how much more I want to do!

I can't say that I'll be moving anytime soon, but after last week, I'm definitely inspired to pack my belongings once more and look for a new adventure. And I think ithe first place to start is by brushing up on my French. It seems like the most versatile European language, and I feel like even if we didn't go to France, at least we would have a leg up on a foreign language for a country like Belgium. Although looking at these images, how could you not be inspired to go? So tell me, is there any place you've been inspired to move to, and why?

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  1. Oh I think it would be so cool to pick up and move to a different country. I picked up and moved from Florida to Boston over 15 years ago never imagining at the time that I'd end up calling it home. At the very least, you definitely need to take a trip across the pond. There are so many beautiful and fun places to visit!