Thursday, January 3, 2008

Goodbye Dallas, Hello Boston!

It's my second to last night in Dallas and I can't help but feel a little sad looking around my empty apartment. I'm so excited to be going up to Boston in 2 days, but I'm so sad to be leaving everything I know and everyone I love behind. Work was especially hard. It's tough to leave a job you absolutely love and a boss who has been nothing but supportive and amazing through everything, even when you're leaving the company. Anyway, this happened for a reason, and I'm so lucky to be getting up there.

S. and I found an apartment, and he went there tonight to check it out and said it will work for us while we search for a house to buy. It's such a relief to actually have a place secured, and was one less thing to worry about.

Our Christmas and New Year's was awesome! We went home to El Paso so that S. could meet my family for the first time, and that went well. Everybody got along really well, and S. now knows where I get my quirky personality from. I got to take him around town and stuff him on Mexican food, although we didn't get Chico's tacos since the line to get in went into the street. We did, however, have the famous Pepe's tamales... yummy! :P We also took the tram to the top of the mountains. Here's a photo of us from that.

S. was really impressed by the scenery, and the views from the mountains.

Kelly and our friends threw me a surprise going away party on New Year's Eve, and it was so sweet of them. My friend Jean made it out, and I haven't seen her in years, so that was really awesome. I'm so thankful that S was able to come down and spend the holidays with us; it made the end of this year even better!

So this is probably my last post before I get to Boston. I'm already planning on taking a picture of the cats in the snow (I like to torture them from time to time!) so be on the lookout for that. And if you're in the Boston area, look us up; otherwise, plan a trip up there. We would love the company!

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  1. OF COURSE!!!
    we never did hang out again after that night. so sad!

    i'm so humbled and flattered that you've been reading my blog, and i'm so excited to know that you have one, too!

    now we can keep in touch :) the sad thing is, i think my blog friends know the ins and outs of my life much better than my face-to-face friends. hahaha... so here's to getting to know each other well through cyber land!