Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank you, Mr. Oboe

The super bowl this year was an amazing sight to see. It's hard being in the heart of Patriots' country (and being surrounded by Pats fans at your super bowl party) and watching the Giants beat down arguably the "best team of the decade." So on the plus side we got a great football game this year, but unfortunately there were not-so-great ads. As costs rise each year for SB commercials, I often wonder why the companies who buy spots spend so much money to air their spot and spend such little effort to turn out quality product. But there were some good spots. This one is my favorite:

Since I'm such a HUGE fan of football, it makes sense that my favorite commercial would be about a football player. Despite that, in my opinion, the ads featuring football players tend to be really awesome. Does anyone remember those United Way PSAs from a few years back that showed Peyton Manning at a food drive and he lobs a loaf of bread into a guy's handbasket? That was golden. Or what about Peyton's Pep talks from this year? Arguably the best spots of the NFL season - spend some time watching these.

So while we didn't get some really great ads, we got one or two really good ones; this Will Ferrell one for Bud Light was fabulous. Enjoy!


  1. hahaha... i love the will ferrell one. i had two favorites... the coke politics one, and the one about breaks with the squirrel (and all the other animals) screaming. i could watch it over and over again :D

  2. those were in my top 5. I was overall really disappointed with the ads, but those were awesome!