Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where in the World is Michele Moore-Diego?

Wow, can you believe it's already October? Where did September go? And more importantly, where did my posting go? Oh yeah, between cake decorating lessons, work kicking my butt and a semi-thriving social life, the month got away from me.

I'm through with course 1 of my cake decorating class. Below are the outcomes of 2 of the three cakes I made (the last one Stephen cut into before I could take a picture.) Here are some important lessons I learned:

1) Icing a cake is the bane of my existence. Seriously, mad pro
ps to professional decorators for the amazing work you do. It blows my mind how you ensure that no chocolate cake peeks through the frosting - I will master that one day (I hope)

2) Icing roses (what's supposed to be a very difficult task) is actually easier for me than drawing little sweet peas. How in God's green earth can I make rose
s but not 3 lines to form a sweet pea?

3) What goes into frosting is disgusting. I mean, it tast
es delicious, but the ingredients used gross me out (and clean up afterward is even worse)

4) Cursive style vowels are just about as hard as icing a cake properly. I will eventually master this as well. Until then... at least it tastes good.

Week 2 - Cake #1 - Lettering is off-center, but so proud of what I did for the border!

Week 3 - my shell border looks great, but the swirl flowers turned out amazing - the frosting job wasn't so bad either.

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  1. They look beautiful! And oh so delicious. Do you bake the cakes yourselves? Or do they provide the cakes so you can focus on decorating?