Monday, May 4, 2009

A Break is Never a Bad Thing

Last week Stephen was on a beach in North Carolina with some of his former colleagues. It's the first break we've had from each other since I moved to Boston, and I have to say it was probably a good thing for both of us.

Here's what I learned while he was gone:

-- I hate going to sleep alone and waking up alone, but apart from that, I had a good time being alone

-- I get shit done when it's just me. I had no problems scrubbing down the house and making some transformations.

-- I can come home whenever I want.* I went out with some of my girlfriends several times throughout the week and stayed out late (for me), and didn't have to call Stephen to let him know I was ok and would be home soon.

-- I revert to old eating patterns. I cook for us. When Stephen was gone, I used maybe 2 dishes the whole week. Some nights I didn't even eat because that's how easy it is for me not to notice small details when Stephen's not here.

-- I REALLY like sleeping in the middle of the bed. I do anyway, but this week I didn't get nudged to move over to one side of the bed.

Despite all the fun I had, it was the nicest feeling waking up next to Stephen on Sunday morning.

* I can always come home when I want, but as a courtesy I check in with Stephen whenever I'm out late.

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