Wednesday, May 6, 2009

They Could Put Strychnine in the Guacamole

"I said I'm stressed out... so tired... my days... so long... I NEED A VACATION"

The above is the chorus of the song that resonates most in my life right now from Young Jeezy, titled, "I Need a Vacation."

This image is one I've been picturing in my head since December. This image is the only thing saving my sanity, so imagine my terror at the thought of having to postpone this image due to this image:
The A (H1N1), aka swine flu, has been top-of-mind since it spread like wildfire through Mexico and Texas last week (and to the rest of the world days later.) I've been rabidly monitoring coverage for any break in sickness, ANYTHING that would allow me to take my vacation.

I called the promotional company who is handling our trip logistics about their recommendations, which they recommended to wait until just before our trip to see what happened; I looked for news every day, and every little ounce of good news I stored in my arsenal to convince myself that I could - and would - take this trip. I mean, it's my sanity we're talking about!!

Stephen told me my judgement was impaired, fueled by my need to escape the city for a week. To some degree he was probably right, but it was more than that. I know how the media works, how sensationalism works. This was the media's dream story, all packaged with a pretty bow.

It's been just over a week since the flu broke out. People aren't dying anymore, and the media coverage has died down (no front page story on The NY Times today!) I've done my due diligence. I called my physician to explain the situation and what, if anything, I should do. The doctor explained to me how the flu has been sensationalized, and explained that the Mexico resorts haven't had any serious reports. He said to take some flu medicine in case we get sick, but that things aren't nearly as dangerous as they thought last week. He said to GET OUT OF TOWN!

That image, the one I've been holding on to for months, will be replaced by this image come Sunday.

I need a vacation... and thankfully on Sunday I'll get one.

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