Thursday, May 28, 2009


Discombobulated. A verb meaning "to throw into a state of confusion", as defined in the online dictionary.

That's what I feel my blog is, which in turn relates to how my life is. Thrown into a state of confusion.

Each day - or rather, each post (since I don't post every day) - is something different. I envy the blogs who are comfortable in what they are. The wedding-themed blogs, the blogs my friends operate that are food, fashion and TV recaps (you ladies have no idea how much those Grey's recaps helped catch me up!) and the blogs that convey somebody's life, but in a clear, concise way.

I'm not quite sure what this means about me or my life. Does it mean I have too much going on, or maybe not enough going on? Or maybe it means that I am just a blend of lots of things and that is reflected in what I choose to write about.

Did I confuse you?


  1. No, actually I like it. Sometimes the ones that are so singularly focused get a little old to me after a while. And stale. Blogs that follow whatever's going on in someone's life or on their minds, I find infinitely more interesting. Provided it's written well. And those are the ones I tend to comment more on.

    But I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like my blog has no focus. But then sometimes I like it that way. Of course, lately it's been all about the house. Heh. Maybe I should change the title.

  2. I like hearing about all the different stuff going on with you! (eventhough I usually already know about it haha). I haven't updated my blog in months... its true- Facebook is doing the job already so I have actually considered deleting my personal blog!