Friday, July 29, 2011

Black and Tan

I've read on the blogosphere that black and brown is a good color combo, and I have to agree. I mean, if the combo of Black and Tan results in an excellent beverage, why wouldn't that transition to fashion?
I have to admit that I really like this combo for a few reasons, but most importantly, it's about the shoes. I bought these open toed wedges this past winter and prayed for the snow to melt so that I could bust these beauties out. 
Trouve Wedges, Nordstrom
I bought the dress from online dress site eShakti last summer and only got to wear it once before the air turned crisp, but I love the military style on the front so much that this is a closet staple of mine this summer.
I can't remember where I got these bangles (Forever XXI maybe?) but I know that I love them because they're an easy way to dress up my wrists (an admitted accessory point I often neglect.)The ring is from JewelMint, one of my favorite of-the-month clubs. Seriously, if you haven't checked out JewelMint yet, I strongly suggest you do. The pieces are $30 (shipping included) and each month you get presented with new options that are geared toward your fashion style. There is never a month where I'm disappointed with the selection, and the jewelry is of good quality.
I don't know about y'all, but I'm now in the mood for a Black and Tan, and even though it's only the morning, Guinness is the breakfast of Champions, right? I keed. In all seriousness, enjoy your weekends! For my Boston friends, I'm still debating about the Swap, so maybe I can convince the dear b/f to come with me and check it out. If so, I'll see you there!


  1. Goooooooo to the swap. I am going to just experience one (my first one) tomorrow. People rave. Swoon. I need to see first hand what all the excitement is about.

  2. Two votes you go to the swap. (Unrelated: Those wedges are amazing!)

    Great meeting you the other night, and hopefully I will see you this weekend!

  3. Love the wedges, they are super fun!!

  4. Ooh, I really love that dress (and badass shoes)!

    It was great to meet you and hang with you after the swap. Till we meet again, my dear!

  5. LOVE these photos! The tripod is a magical thing.