Monday, July 18, 2011

Blush and Black

This weekend I played tour guide for my friend Kelly, and the heat was on! I wanted needed something cute and cool to walk around the city, and this outfit did the trick. I think this skirt is pretty short, so normally I only wear it during the winter with tights, but I thought I'd be a little more daring and show some skin. Plus, the whole heat thing - no tights today, thankyouverymuch! I definitely stayed cool but, um... I didn't anticipate the breeze! Apologies to whomever was standing behind me today!

 I've also been rocking a red lip lately. I found the perfect shade of red from Laura Mercier, called "Truly Red" and I've been having a lot of fun rocking the shocking hue. 
Did you also notice I got my hair cut! After all was said and done, about 5 inches came off! I have to give credit to my stylist who knew exactly what I was asking for. I swear, that man is a miracle worker! 
Top - Ann Taylor; Skirt - American Apparel; Flats - Coach; Sunnies - Kate Spade

These are the Coach flats I scored when I was in Dallas. They're super cute, and once I break them in, will be super comfortable. Today though, they blistered the heck out of my heels! That's what I get for thinking I'd break in a pair of shoes walking around town!

Did y'all have a wonderful weekend? I hope you stayed cool in this heat, and can't wait to hear about your weekends!