Friday, July 22, 2011

Feel Good Friday - B-Day Style

I know I recently mentioned how much I like celebrating my birthday, and there is nothing better for me than finding a really nice birthday present for a REALLY good price. 

But before I go further, I have to say that I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of snakeskin pumps for about 5 years. I've never been able to find what I was looking for until recently. I finally found a near perfect pair on ShopBop last month. They're from Pour la Victoire, and, while reasonably priced, they were still more than my shopping diet allowed. I want these shoes so badly that they even went on the birthday wish list that I oh-so-kindly shared to the Mr. last month. What can I say? I'm such a nice girlfriend to give him ideas on gifts. :)

This morning, when reading the Bon Bon Rose Girls, I saw they were doing a ShopBop gift certificate giveaway. Huzzah! This is the perfect time to try to win a gift certificate to get me closer to these shoes. So while I was on ShopBop's site to get the link to the shoes, I suddenly saw that the shoes were on clearance. 70% off original price. With only one pair left in my size. So I did what anyone would do. I bought them. And let's be honest, the Mr. is not going to buy me a new pair of shoes. The iPad2? Probably.

These beauties will arrive on Tuesday, the day of my birth. Aren't they just the perfect birthday gift? I have a feeling they'll go really nicely with the new UO shorts that came last week. 
Pour la Victoire Haya

Friends, have a very happy Friday and enjoy your weekends. I'm headed back to Texas for a restful weekend to celebrate my birthday with some very special peeps. I'll tell you all about it next week.


  1. You acted wisely in this situation. Well played. Enjoy the trip and safe travels!

  2. Gorgeous shoes! I too bought a pair of very special birthday shoes that I think you're going to like. Whenever I finally get around to sharing them.

  3. Woo hoo Becky, I can't wait to see what you got! Happy early birthday to my sole sister!

  4. Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your trip, have a wonderful day, and stay cool in Texas. Also, I agree with Noelani - you chose wisely.