Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday Blitz

I don't know about you, but I'm a HUGE fan of my birthday month. It's not that I like getting older (believe me, that's not the case) but rather because there are some major discounts and goodies that are bestowed upon me by my favorite retailers. I did a little pre b-day shopping over the weekend, and not only stuck to my shopping diet (hello, difficult during a b-day month!) but picked up some really great pieces that I can't wait to mix with my current wardrobe. Here's what I picked up: 
Annabella via Alloy

Brandi Blouse via Alloy

The "Kendi Everday" red pumps - looking for a year for these - Urban Outfitters

Scalloped shorts - ON SALE - Urban Outfitters

Sparkle jacket by Wren - ON SALE for 70% off at Tra Tutti's site
 I can't believe how much I scored! Each piece was under $50, and I'm most impressed with the Wren sparkle jacket. I can't believe the deal I got it for, and I'm sad ashamed to say I'm looking forward to fall when I can rock this jacket. 

So do you enjoy your birthday month for the same reason? 


  1. By birthday month usually makes my husband shutter. I seriously need to hide evidence of the credit card use. I am majorly jealous of the Urban shorts, I have been eying those for months!! Hope they make an appearance on the blog soon!

  2. Thanks Noelani, it's usually the same thing for me, but I hide evidence of boxes. :)

    I promise that if the shorts fit, they'll make an appearance on the blog - I'm already dreaming of outfits around them!