Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fashion Skinny

There are a few things that need some skinnying up in my life. My work schedule. My candy habit. And probably most importantly, my shopping habit (or more precisely, the spending that comes with supporting my habit.) The thought dawned on me as I was talking to a colleague. As we discussed some of our favorite brands (Kate Spade for me, Marc by Marc Jacobs for her) she also threw out a comment that her mom made about "expensive brands" and this colleague mentioned that she had to spend to fit in at the office.  

The comment bothered me for multiple reasons, but the biggest is that you don't have to spend a lot to look good. I quickly learned that by reading multiple fashion blogs (FFUF, Frugal Fashionistas, The Look For Less, etc.), so it got me thinking. About change. About going on a diet.

So, I'm making a pledge. For the next 60 days I'm going on a fashion diet. I'm imposing a strict limit of what I'm spending on clothing, accessories, shoes... you name it. I will not be purchasing any article of clothing over $50, shoes included (yikes!). And to make it even better, I'm cutting my monthly budget in half. I'll spare myself the embarrassment you the knowledge of what that is. I'll highlight the purchases I make with the goal of showing that you can be fashionable and savvy without spending a ton of money. To kick it off, here are few pieces I'm eyeing: 

Kimchi Blue Paperbag Skirt - via Urban Outfitters - $49
Deena & Ozzy Summer Skimmer via Urban Outfitters - $30

Striped Jersey Dress via Zara - $40
How rad are those blue skimmers? And that striped jersey dress from Zara is perfect for summer. It also reminds me of another dress, don't ya think?

I've got to say, I'm actually looking forward to this challenge. It should be really interesting, especially as my birthday is the end of July and I'm notorious for purchasing myself some wonderful gifts (we all deserve it, don't we?)

So, dear readers, are there any sites you love for reasonable fashion? I'm open to your recommendations. 


  1. I completely agree with you. I hate when people say spending a lot for quality is the best way to go. I think everyone can look good even when they budget (I found some of my favorite and unique looking pieces in inexpensive stores..and they last too!)
    oh and I LOVE that coral thats a steal!

    Miss Neira

  2. Now I want to know what your fashion budget is ;-) Mine is sadly not a fixed budget haha! I tend to shy away from spending too much, even though I know that really quality pieces last forever. Maybe we need to shop together for a few of those quality can shop vicariously through me! :) Love this challenge!

  3. La vie Jamie and I are both on a spending diet, too! I am so glad to have someone else in the same boat. It is unbelievable how much I can spend on clothes sometimes; I think it is a fun challenge to locate those "finds" for less! And Miss Neira is right, that pink skirt is fab!

  4. Thanks for the support ladies! I can't wait to take on the challenge and show off some of my finds!