Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musings

Kate Spade "Cheers" Necklace via

Cheers! It's a phrase I repeat all too frequently now
One of my clients is from England and we always end our phone calls with this phrase
It's now spreading to my other, non-British clients
I love saying it though because it just feels so cheery
This necklace would turn any frown upside down
I'm definitely adding this to my birthday wish list
I have 6 weeks to go - that's not too early to send the b/f a wish list, right?
On my list (as of right now: 
Those Kate Spade shoes (at the top, natch), iPad2, a gold Citizen watch, and now, this necklace
Of course, always something sparkly for my ears or all important finger
Speaking of, Dallas this weekend
Wedding one of four for the season
Ready to rock my feather dress
Ready to rock a faux tan
Ready to see our friends
No matter how long we're away, it feels like we've never left
There really is no place like home


  1. Love the necklace. And the feather dress is too cute! I remember one summer when I had like 4 or 5 weddings, all across the country - I didn't have much vacay time left, but I did drink a lot of champagne :)

  2. Totally not really what you want want to hear but Artibility (etsy) makes a necklace similar to the Kate Spade one you wanted. I just had her custom make me one that said "Love." I bet she could make one for you : )

  3. Susan,

    Um, thank you for the heads up! I will gladly check out Artibility and see what she can do. Again, thank you for this - what a pleasant surprise!

  4. Kristen, we have 4 weddings this season, and none of them are in the state of MA! The closest one is in Maine, but we're going to TX, Michigan and New Orleans for the others. On the plus side, I have dresses for each occasion (yippee!) and we get mini vacations! And, as you point out, lots of champagne!

  5. This necklace is adorable! I love Kate Spade's jewelry - every piece is so whimsical and fun! :)

    sorelle in style