Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today Only - Some Fabulous Shopping Sales

In case you missed it, there are some fabulous sales going on today, and I highly recommend you check them out. 

First up, my go-to shop, Kate Spade is having a sample sale. If you haven't already checked it out... GO NOW! While I'm on a tight shopping budget and can't enjoy the sale now, here are the items I'm crying over: 
Gina Dress

Houndstooth Rose Coat
Another one of my favorite shops for the most beautiful dresses, Apart Style is having a friends and family sale. Today only (ending at 6 pm ET) get 30% off your order with the promo code FAMILYHere's what I'm contemplating: 

Beaded Silk Dress
Feathered Day Dress
 Honestly, I think I'm going to snag this feathered dress (budget be damed!) I think it will be perfect to wear while enjoying cocktails somewhere in the city this summer (when summer arrives.) 

And don't forget to hit up each of these sites through ebates. You'll earn cash back on your purchases at both of these stores, so it's like you're getting an even better discount!  Here's the link if you're interested:

Enjoy the shopping and have a happy hump day!

**Update: I couldn't resist the siren song of sales, and bought the Feathered Day Dress (only $71 after discount and shipping). My question for you readers is: do you think it's appropriate for an afternoon wedding? I'm always nervous about wearing anything with white on a wedding day, but this doesn't scream "stealing the bride's thunder" but would love your thoughts. 


  1. Good god I am having to lock my wallet away. So many great things on sale! I really love Kate Spade - I feel like her designs always have a bit of humor and whimsy to them - like someone just had a lot of fun designing and making the item!

  2. I love Kate Spade!! That first dress is perfect!