Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

Happiness blooming in my front yard

On my mind this morning: 

Rain rain go away
A week's worth of rain on the agenda
This bright pink bush in my front yard makes me so happy
Wanted to do an outfit photo in front of it today
but ran late to work instead
plus I was wearing a coat
48 degrees today in Boston... in May
Why am I not back in Texas? 
One month until we're back in the Lone Star State for a visit
Then home for a week in July
Lots of traveling lined up this summer
Thinking about the shoe project I'm working on
Wonder what Stephen will think when I tell him what he  needs to photograph next
He's such a good sport
and a really good man
Rain or no rain, let's make this a great week


  1. I agree, what are you not back in Texas?

  2. I hear you about the blah weather. I am originally from Oklahoma, so I know it is spring time and beautiful and WARM there right now. And yet I had to wear tights today. TIGHTS! IN MAY!!! Gah!

  3. Sending you some Florida sunshine lady!