Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Ideeli Saved Me (and my Blog)

Remember last week when I said I had the raddest skirt I wanted to show you? And remember the time before that when I said how great my boyfriend is for taking photos of me in my outfits? 

Well, it turns out he's not so patient. And I'm not such a great poser. And when you put the two together, we're a hot mess of outfit photography. So the photos I have are tragic. I'm making funny faces. He remarks on said funny faces and says we're done. To be fair though, we're usually doing this as we're walking to the car to head to work (already fashionably late, mind you) so it's not the ideal situation. 

But today that all changed. After Kristen made the brilliant recommendation that I invest in a tripod, I've been thinking a lot about that. And today (as if by fate) ideeli had Targus tripod stands on sale. SUPER sale. Such a snazzy sale that I got a tripod for $10. Which means that now Stephen won't have to begrudgingly take photos of me while we're rushing off to work. And it means that I can actually spend those 10 minutes I have in the a.m. (waiting for him to finish getting ready) taking photos of my outfits to post up here. Yes, you read that right. I'm usually waiting on him to finish getting ready. 

So I promise more outfit photos soon. In the meantime, aren't these photos of my kids really cute? 

Max in a shoe box. Is this my cat or what?

Maggie May looking adorbs


  1. Max is all "Wha? I'm in a box. So what."

  2. 1) You will LOVE the tripod. It freed me from the shackles...er...loving arms of Mr. BF when it came to photos. And you can try out new stuff (goofy poses) a couple times without your photographer growing impatient.
    2) I also have to wait on Mr. BF to get ready. Evey hair must be perfectly out-of-order. It makes me bonkers!
    3) CATS! I LOVE THEM. And truly, isn't this what cats do? Climb in a box, sit on important documents, look cute. Cats out.