Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Half Said Fred

Every so often at work, we have really important clients who come visit. I expect this trend to grow when our office moves from the burbs into the city. But I digress.

When these VIP clients visit, we get notifications about how to dress. Apparently jeans and flip flops aren't acceptable VIP attire. The extent of fanciness gets designated by Fred. As in Fred Astaire. Full Fred is super fancy attire and Half Fred is business casual.

I'm typically dressed Half Fred four days out of the week, but today I REALLY wanted to wear yoga pants and sneakers. For the record, I've never worn my yoga pants to work unless I was going to or coming from the gym.

I'd like to call today's outfit my conservative attempt at color blocking. I stood in front of the mirror for about 5 minutes going back and forth about which shoes to wear, and ultimately decided on the ones I'm wearing. For the record, I have severe shoe guilt - I should have worn the other pair. Oh well, next time, right?

Laughing at Stephen's expressions here.
And this, ladies, is why the boyfriend rocks my socks. He may have laughed at me a few times and shook his head with disbelief, but when it was said and done, he grabbed the camera, kneeled on the sidewalk and took outfit photos. I think he did a great job, but I have a question for you other fashion bloggers: how did your hubby react the first time you asked him to take outfit photos of you? Stephen isn't a photographer, so it may have been a strange request for him, but I'm curious if anyone else got the strange look the first time. 

At any rate, I think he'll come around. Before you know it, this routine will become the norm.


  1. Love it!! What a guy to become your personal photog. Totally diggin' the outfit!!

  2. When I read he 'kneeled on the sidewalk" I totally thought you were going to say something else ;-) hehe. SUPER CUTE outfit! Love the shoes!

  3. Ah, Jo, you would have already heard if he kneeled for another reason! But this is a good first step, no?

    Thanks for the kind comments on the outfit. I'm planning to take more of these, provided the awesome man will continue being my photographer. :)

  4. Please put away your shoe remorse, cause those are fantastic! And the first outfit posts? Oh, my husband laughed at me for about five minutes and then all of a sudden he was Steven Maisel. He's all "pose this way" and "stand against that background". I found investing in a tripod was very helpful - I know a lot of bloggers prefer their significant other to shoot, but our schedule are so different and we work so much that I have to fit my photos in during random pockets of time during the day...Also, I feel like with a tripod, I can make sure the photos are turning out (somewhat) the way I want them. That said, I get a lot of wonky looks when people see me taking random tripod photos of myself!!