Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings

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Random Musings on my Mind:
Easter - so nice to see so many Facebook updates about Christ and not the Easter bunny
Not that I hate the Easter bunny
The weather on Sunday was awesome
Maybe a sign that winter is finally on the way out and spring is in?
I'm having trouble learning how to use my new Mac. Maybe I was meant to be a PC
I need to work out some more
That week off probably wasn't awesome for me
Considering how many Whoppers Robin Eggs I've eaten
Those candies are addictive
Thank God they'll be pulled off the shelves tomorrow
Kate Spade's Tumblr makes me so happy
Aren't these tulips lovely?
I need to remember to plant tulips this fall
I need a mani pedi. Stat.
Better make sure I get one before heading to Orlando next week.
Super excited to be heading to Disney World. For Work.
Oy vey, work. Where did the weekend go?