Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Attempt to Thrift Sell = FAIL

My weekend with one of my favorite gal pals fell through after her work event was canceled this week, so my plans changed significantly. After feeling awesome about my scores at Target, I decided to do some spring cleaning of the closet variety. 

I hand selected about a dozen items (about half with tags on them) to sell at Buffalo Exchange, a national thrift shop with a good conscience. When I arrived there was a line of folks looking to sell their wares, so I waited patiently. I chatted with the woman in front of me who had some ridiculously awesome wares from around the world (think red leather knee high boots from Ireland, a leather cream motorcycle jacket, and an ultra fab tweed coat) and each item the BE buyer pulled from the bag was better than the item before. When it was said and done, BE rejected almost half of the stuff (and seriously, I would have snatched everything up if the shoes had only fit.) Once I saw that, I knew my stuff didn't stand a chance. 

Included in my wares today were a pair of studded suede pumps that I wore once, plus cropped black silk pants, olive ankle pants and a white linen skirt, all from Ann Taylor Loft. After going through all my items, BE took ONE top - a cheapo top from New York & Company. When I asked why, the girl said that most of these items were too "worn" to be considered. HOW could clothes with tags on them be considered too "worn" to take? 

Since this is my first time to thrift sell, I'm curious if this is the norm, and if so, what should I consider when taking clothes to a consignment shop?


  1. Do they have Plato's Closet out here? They will take more brands like Ann Taylor, Banana, Gap, etc. Good luck!

  2. I know a TON of consignment shops..that will take your clothes if you don't mind going to Wakefield. Rada Boutique and J'Adore both downtown and Raspberry Beret also in Wakefield will take them. They sell on consignment. I sold some bridesmaid dresses there a while ago.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Susan. I'm familiar with Raspberry Beret, but I'll check out Rada and J'Adore.

    I may also try Second Time Around.

  4. Why would anyone get rid of red leather knee high boots? Those would have a permanent place in my closet.

  5. I don't know Becky, but if I wore her shoe size I would have walked out with half a dozen new pairs of awesome boots.

  6. I love Second Time Around. They take "designer" clothes, but will also take nice items from Ann Taylor, Banana, etc. Sometimes they will say something is too basic for the shop (i.e. black pants). for the most part, I find they take items if they are nice, in good shape, and if they are current and in season. Pop into one of their (many) stores and see their items - you will get a good idea of what they take. I've never consigned BE, but now I am kind of afraid to!