Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Musings

1957 Balloon Dress by Scasi - Image via here and originally found here
Happy Monday friends! Tons on my mind this morning

This photo found on the Kate Spade Tumblr is so rad
I typically go to Kate Spade for feel good inspiration
Back to another rainy day in the Bean - at least Saturday was sunny and beautiful
Another Harpoon 5 miler race in the book
I love working out and feeling sore in a good way
Off to California tomorrow for work
Two days out of the office
Blessing and a curse simultaneously
How is this weekend Memorial Day Weekend already?
I'm looking forward to Summer Fridays in the office (early out on Fridays? Heck Yes!)
Lots of mini trips around the country this summer for weddings
I can't wait to see our friends get married
I love taking inspiration from their ideas
And I love wedding parties
What's your favorite part of weddings?



  1. I also love wedding parties! I love seeing all my friends dressed up and celebrating love, and I always love the look on the bride and groom's faces...and I love any excuse to drink champagne :)

  2. It's hard not to smile when balloons are around!