Friday, August 19, 2011

The Power of Pink

Do you have that ONE piece of clothing - or outfit - that makes you feel unstoppable when you wear it? This skirt is IT for me. I LOVE everything about this skirt - the fit, the feel, the deep shade of fuschia pink. 
 But the thing I love most about this skirt is its versatility. I can wear this skirt with almost anything, and it makes whatever I pair it with look that much better. Many of you met me at the Blogger Event wearing this skirt. I usually wear this skirt when I'm meeting with a client (or meeting a potential client for the first time.) This is my make-a-good-first-impression-skirt. 
 As much as I wear this skirt, it has never been captured on film and posted here. Well friends, that's about to change. I guarantee you that you're going to see this skirt on this blog - a LOT! It's my mission moving forward to think about what else I can pair this skirt with in my closet. I hope you don't mind seeing this skirt around this ol' blog a bit more. 
 Skirt - Kate Spade (Sample Sale!)
Top - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Tahari
Ring - Kate Spade
Bracelets - Forever XXI (I think)
Pearl Earrings - Gilt Group


  1. Love the skirt, I can see why it would make you feel great wearing it!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I have a silk maxi skirt in fuchsia and it makes me feel so bright and happy. This looks great and I love the color combo!!

  3. This is a happy skirt. You can tell you feel fabulous wearing it too! I have some great dresses that do this for me- and they always seem to be jewel tone brights.

  4. What a beautiful look. That polka dot top rocks!

  5. I LOVE this outfit! You have the happiest smile - I can tell you know you are rocking this. The top ain't bad, either!