Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red Fedora

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Boston's Fashion's Night Out with a group of Boston's local bloggers. Sadly my camera was buried so deep at the bottom of my bag that I couldn't find it, so I didn't snap any pictures, but there are so many good write-ups on the night. In fact, I'd recommend looking at Brilliance of B for a great recap

While ogling the beautiful clothes from shop to shop, I swore I wouldn't go crazy with purchases, but then I found a red fedora and after trying it on, everyone agreed I must have it. 
Image Courtesy of Brilliance of B
This hat is such a statement piece, so it pairs really nicely with basics. Earlier this week I pulled out the fedora with a simple outfit to punch it up. I must admit that I absolutely LOVE this hat and can't wait to incorporate it into my fall wardrobe.

 Top - New York & Co (several seasons back)
Capris - New York & Company
Red Suede Pumps (seen here and here ) - Urban Outfitters
Leaf necklace - c/o Shabby Apple


  1. Love the red looks great on you!

  2. What a fun hat. Seems like it'll add a nice touch to fall outfits.
    I didn't make it to any FNO events :(

  3. Looks great my dear!! Our hats are pretty awesome but you wear it well :)

  4. LOOOVVVEEE IT! work it girl!

  5. Well done with the purchase!! You can totally pull this hat off with anything. I wish i had been out with all you gals, looked like so much fun!

  6. Man, that hat is so awesome. IT takes ovaries to wear a bright red fedora, and I mean this in a very good way. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Great to see you at FNO and at the Style party on Tuesday!