Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fashionable Affair

I wanted to share some photos from our trip to New Orleans. The extended weekend was pretty magical - not only did we get to see some of our favorite friends, but the bride and groom got married in style. After exchanging vows in a beautiful courtyard, the entire wedding party was marched through the French Quarter behind the Second Line band Treme, which included a stop in Jackson Square for their first dance. 

To say it was beautiful wouldn't do justice to how amazing this wedding was. And because the bride and groom are such stylish folks, you can bet their wedding guests were too. Below are some photos of the grand affair. 

Tis True
The tall drink of handsome next to me is my date - we didn't mean to, but we matched!

At the Pharmacy Museum just after vows were exchanged
The twins and I after the reception - feeling the New Orleans spirit
Love this man!
I took some video of the wedding as well, and will share that as soon as it's ready (you wouldn't believe how long it takes a non tech savvy girl to make these things happen!) Until then, I hope you've enjoyed. 


  1. That dress is as fab as expected - you look gorgeous!

  2. For real, you two make a fabulous couple. I love the masks too, so fun and unexpected at a wedding. I want to see more wedding photoporn, I could look at it all day!

  3. Oh how fun to go to a wedding in New Orleans. Beautiful pictures and again..love the dress clutch. Looking fabulous :)

  4. You look amazing Michele!!! Love the dress and that necklace. Seriously!!

  5. Gorgeous dress, my dear!