Friday, October 14, 2011

The Perks of Being a Model

I think nearly every young girl has dreams of being a model when she grows up. I know that I certainly did. And while my HUGE boat feet gave me hope that I'd grow into them, alas, the abrupt stoppage of height at just 5'4" ensured that I'd never have a career careening down the walkway. 

After seeing this slideshow from Fashionista earlier this week, I'm a little thankful that I didn't end up a runway model. Take a look at what the various Fashion Week(s) does to a dainty doll (note: not for the faint of heart or those with feet issues)

The Great Escape
It’s tough to keep the pinky toe in check. This was especially evident at Christian Dior, where they were slipping out the sides. The problem? We’re putting our money on the poorly-placed strap at the front. 

 The Ill-Fit
This is probably the most common runway problem. Either too tight, or too large, models often have to contend with ill-fitting shoes that may fly off at any second, or will cut circulation off completely. Opened-toed sandals seem to be the best bet since the toes at least have somewhere to go.

 The Wardrobe Malfunction
Not as common as the others, but the broken heel has been known to happen. These Mugler heels were needle-thin. Too thin, in fact, since many of them seemed to have bent right out of shape. Or perhaps they simply buckled in fright after that bizarre video of Lady Gaga

The Protective Measures
For any woman who wears heels on a regular basis, you can be pretty sure there will be a few bandaids kicking around her purse. The aesthetics of the bandage are probably the reason why more aren’t seen on the runways, though we wonder whether it’s always the right choice. Scabs are pretty tough to look at, too. Speaking of… 

The Wear and Tear
The slow decline of a model’s foot is obvious when looking at the collections from city to city. The pristine skin and tone from the beginning of NYFW takes a sharp turn by the time the model makes it to Paris, none evidenced so clearly than at Louis Vuitton, one of the very last Paris shows. Bruises, cuts, discoloration… it’s a bit scary, to be honest. We hope all the models are now enjoying a good rest. And hopefully a foot rub. 

On that note lovelies, I think it's time you kick off your heels and put on some flats to enjoy the weekend. I'm in New Orleans right now celebrating a wedding, so you can bet I'm in my fanciest heels navigating Bourbon Street. Hopefully I don't end up like these models when the weekend is said and done.  Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. I saw these pics the other day! So scary! It must be pain with every step by the end of fashion month.

  2. Meow! looks painful, but I'd take it to wear the clothes and take their pay. Nice post though. Did not see this from the Fashionista.

  3. I could not believe how awful those Louis Vuitton photos were. Scary, huh? I wonder how long it takes to recover from that...

  4. This is like a National Geographic show on women's illogical desire to squeeze their feet into unnatural shapes and heights. Like binding. Incredible, gross and yet mesmerizing.